Must have products for your home if you’re having a baby.

We moved into our home when our little girl was just 9 months old, the following month I fell pregnant. We started working on the house as soon as we got the keys & during the kitchen renovations we welcomed her little brother into the world. It’s been a tough year, but I feel during this process I have discovered what is important to have in our home to make life a little easier.

Stair gates (as many as you can!) 

I separate my house into zones, basically the living room is a good size so she stays in there most of the time.  It makes my life so much easier, especially when I was juggling two under two. It means I know she’s safe and happy in one place. We have a stair gate keeping her out of the kichen/diner and one on the landing, meaning she cant get near the stairs and only has access to hers and her brothers rooms.

Lakeland Airer

Literally a must have, The Lakeland Airer dries baby clothes overnight and means I can have a wash done and dried in a day, no matter what the weather.

When you have a baby, suddenly you have 1 million times more washing. More washing than you can ever imagine and the airer is perfect for tiny clothes. It has been the best thing I’ve bought since having children and I couldn’t live without it now. 


Like a lot of people, we have the Kallax storage boxes from Ikea. These are organised into Pepper Pig, Happyland, Dolls and a box full of random toys at the moment, but obviously this will change as they grow.

We also have a large wooden box in the front room I found on the Facebook selling sites. This toy chest cost £50, its really solid and I’ve reupholstered the top and could paint again if needed.

Slow cooker 

This will save your life. I literally don’t have time to cook, especially with two. My husband cooks most of the time when he comes home from work, but if I ever do cook, it’s ALWAYS a slow cooker meal. 

Pop it all in there first thing on the morning & let it do its thing! There’s so many recipes online (I make a lot of the slimming world ones, as I’m trying to loose the baby weight) and it’s so so easy and tasty.  

Baby toys 

My advice is to buy the plastic jumperoo, bouncy chair and toys. Don’t worry that it’s ugly, time will fly and it will be out of your living room before you know it. There’s a reason these toys are brightly coloured plastic, they love it! You can get beautiful grey and monochrome toys, but these are stupidly expensive. The babies are in them for such a short period of time, my opinion is your money is better spent elsewhere. I’m a massive fisher price fan, we have the jumperoo and the most comfortable looking bouncy chair, I would honestly say these are better than any of the other ones we’ve tried.

I very nearly fell into the trap of buying nursery furniture (read my post explaining why I’m super glad I never did). With a cot, matching wardrobe and a baby changing unit. Personally, I didn’t ever get either of them ready or changed upstairs so a changing table would have been a complete waste of time. I picked furniture and items that I felt would grow with her and now she’s a toddler all she needs is a big girl bed. The rest of the room can stay the same, the décor still really suits her over two years later.

We have just started a second room for our little boy and are doing something similar. He is having furniture that will last, to create a room that can grow and develop with his personality.

A clock for your bedroom 

When I was being woken in the middle of the night by my baby, fumbling round in the dark trying to find out the time wasn’t ideal. I would end up swearing and getting annoyed often needing to turn on the light to find it in the bed somewhere, or finding it had dropped down the back of headboard. Getting a clock in the room really was a game changer. It’s important to know the time when you wake so you know if its time for a feed, if its morning already or if you can pop the dummy back in and try to get another few hours!

There is the obvious prams, cot and nappies that you will need for your baby but these items really have been a life saver in our house!



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