7 ways to make your home feel bigger.

Even in the biggest home, from time to time it can feel like the walls are closing in on you. Whether that is due to bulky furniture, your home being cluttered or because you jumped on the dark interiors bandwagon and painted every room room black. There are ways to help lighten the space and make your home feel bigger.


We acquire so much stuff. Go through your cupboards, work tops, open spaces, walls and then room by room get rid of everything that either doesn’t have a purpose or a very special place in your heart. It’s a simple solution that won’t cost you anything.


Dark paint can make your room feel intimate and cosy, but light paint colours such as whites and nudes will open up a room and make it feel like you have a lot more space. If you’re worried about the room appearing too clinical then add bright accessories and different textures to create interest (for more ideas of how to add colour and create interest, please click here).


Storage is so important, particularly when it comes to things like paperwork, clutter and toys. Built in cupboards are brilliant but if don’t have the room or can’t afford this option then look for items that have hidden storage. Coffee tables, beds and foot stools can all open up to reveal hidden spaces. Storage baskets and cute boxes can also be great for holding all the things that tend to accumulate and make your space feel cluttered and small.


I know that the maximalist look seems to be everywhere right now, but having clutter everywhere and loads of pictures on every wall could make the space feel overcrowded. When it comes to making a room look bigger, less is definitely more.


Mirrors are the quickest way to make a room appear larger as they can create the illusion of depth and space. Round mirrors are very popular at the moment or a selection of vintage style mirrors arranged like a gallery wall will look very cute. The bigger the better, but even smaller mirrors can have an impact on the perceived size of a room. It’s always a good idea to place it across from a window if possible in order to reflect natural light and make the room appear larger.


You should aim to show off as much of the floor as possible and avoid too much furniture restricting the visible floor area and making the room appear smaller. Rather than bulky furniture, opt for furniture that allows you to see space either round, underneath of through. Having furniture with exposed legs such as mid-century style furniture will create a sense of space. Opt for or a coffee table with a glass table top which will trick your eye into believing the area is more spacious.


Lighting should not be underestimated as it plays an important role in deciding the look and feel of a space. Poor lighting in a large room may make the room appear small. Lamps and different layers of lighting using ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps can give the illusion of space and a sense of grandeur. A tall floor lamp will always draw the eye up and make a room appear taller and bigger. It is also useful to think about natural light and letting as much in the room as possible, either by using no window dressings at all or opting for a light sheer curtain to allow natural light to shine through.

What are your top tips for making a home appear more spacious?


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