The best toys to buy a 1 year old!

To celebrate my little boy turning 1, I thought I would put a little gift guide together.  Mainly so when I’m buying gifts in the future for friends and family I have a reference to look back upon. At this age, they’re not a tiny baby anymore but not quite a toddler yet, so I think buying future proof toys is important.  

Here is my list of the best toys for a 1 year old. These toys have longevity, hours of playing potential and will grow with them.

“That’s not my” books.

best toys for a one yearr ols

A twist on the classic board book which was first published in 1982. Babies thrive when interacting with others and this range of books are perfect for reading together. They are bright, colourful and repetitive with a rhythmic sound which keeps their attention. With beautiful animal illustrations, and different textures to feel guaranteed to cause happy squeals of delight. This series is popular with older toddlers too.

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Wooden Rainbow

best toys for a one year old

These are very instagram friendly and as well as looking very cute in their bedroom they can be nested, stacked, balanced and used for imaginative play as your baby develops. We use them to learn colours and say the name of each the colour as we stack them up and sing the colours of the rainbow. They also make excellent bridges for little cars & people.

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Stacking Cups

1 year old gift

Stacking is fun and helps to develop their coordination and motor skills. Even if they not quite able to stack by themselves yet they’ll love watching you stack them up so they can knock them down! As a learning tool, these cups can be used to learn both counting and colours.

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Bath Toys

1 year old guift guide

At this point, your baby will probably love bath time and bath toys will now be essential! These bright toys are great for boosting their eye-hand coordination, not forgetting motor skills.  A good way to build their confidence in the water.

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gift guide baby gift for a 1 year old

Babies and toddlers love balls, they can be the normal ball pit type, textured or even flashing.

This ball pool is super stylish, although toys should not be just about aesthetics they should draw their attention and add some value to their overall development. Babies love throwing, dropping and even rolling to you, for you to roll back. Helping develop coordination and moto skills.

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Pull along

1 year old baby gift guide

Even simple ones like this can have years of life in them and can be used in so many games. Potentially nudging ahead in the play stakes for tots who are still a little unsteady on their feet, babies can still pull them along whilst in a sitting position. This classic toy has worked for generations and will still bring a smile to babies faces with its simple design and function.​

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Cars & little people

1 year old gift guide

Both my two love little figures and cars and will literally play for hours with things like this. It’s brilliant for developing their imagination. These toys are an investment as they’ll continue to play with them when a toddler. The baby learns how to coordinate between the eye and hand, promoting their imagination and sensory perception. The ultimate creative toy, they offer infinite opportunities for free play and playing together. They are made of durable plastic hence strong and durable to withstand even those times that they might be smashed on the walls. You can add to your collection over time with different people, cars, buses, planes and houses which in our house get played with daily.

Babies grow fast, so its a good idea to buy a few toys 18months plus to keep for a few months.

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Baby Annabell Doll

1 year old toys

I have a girl and boy and both of them have loved babies from around the age of 11 months (it has to be said, my daughter seems to prefer dolls and boy does gravitate towards the cars!)

My daughter has played with this Baby Annabell Doll since she was 1, again this gets played with daily. The dolls come with clothes and hat and is soft in the middle like a teddy so is good for a cuddle. We have since bought her other accessories and prams so this one is good for future presents. ​This toys provides lots of opportunity for imaginative play and can be used as a tool to prepare for the arrival of any new siblings.

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Top Tips:

Safety: Its important to consider that the toy you are buying is appropriate for the child’s age, watch out for small parts that could potentially be a choking hazard and make sure the toy is marked as being suitable for 12 months plus.

Longevity: These toys have longevity, hours of playing potential and will grow with them. Babies grow and progress so quickly, you don’t want to waste money on an expensive toy that they won’t use for long.

Educational and Developmental aspect: Its nice to know that the toys you buy are helping them grow and development. From basic motor skills and language to colours and sounds.​

If you have small children, please see my must haves by clicking here.

* Please note that this article contains some affiliate links, which means that if you purchase a product based on my recommendation I receive a small commission of the sale.


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