7 places to find second hand furniture for your home

I think sustainability is on everyone’s mind these days and searching for pre-loved, vintage, antique or up-cycled designs is a great way to stylishly furnish your home whilst helping the environment. Buying second hand furniture can also be a really affordable way to create a stylish and unique home on a budget.

Not everything in the home needs to be brand new. Mixing old with new can work really well and add a sense of personality to your space. One of my favourite pieces in my home are the vintage and antique finds. My mid-century clock in our bedroom being a firm favourite. If you shop around you can find all sorts of vintage items and antiques. From furniture from old cinema benches and school desks to mid-century sideboards and designer armchairs.


Auctions can be a goldmine for really well-made furniture. They really don’t make them like they used to and I’m all about buying good quality solid pieces. If you’re not into antiques or the vintage look, then try looking with an open mind as a lick of paint can really transform a piece.


The place most people think of when looking for second hand or upcycled items for the home these days. I often search locally for items that I collect in person, but some furniture can be delivered by a courier for an extra cost.  Our dining room table was brand new and cost £100 from eBay (plus £30 postage), it had some marks on the top so when it arrived my husband put a coat of Bees Wax on the top, it’s the biggest bargain we’ve had to date!

Friends & Family

Keep an ear out for friend’s renovating or redecorating as they are bound to be get ridding rid of some items! Personally, I’d rather see something go to a friend rather than just become unused junk. It’s always worth having a chat with friends and putting the feelers out to see what people are throwing away.


A firm favourite site of mine, Etsy is known mainly for independent small businesses and crafts. You will find larger furniture items on the shop to. With many mid-century pieces and beautiful lighting. Because of the site’s crafty culture, you’ll find plenty of chalk painted and updated finds
The company also pride themselves on sustainability which is so important as we move forward and all try to do our bit for the environment.


Selling pages on Facebook are a goldmine for furniture and household items. You will find pretty much everything for sale on Facebook Marketplace, and the site now makes filtering by item and location so much easier. I also use Facebook Markey place to sell the items I no longer use and put the money I make towards new things for the house.

Charity Shops

I have found tonnes of amazing pieces of furniture and homewear in charity shops. Often charities have larger stores specifically for furniture and household items.  I love a good rummage through everything. After all, one mans trash is another mans treasure.

Car boot Sales

A bit of a retro day trip. The good old car boot is where second hand furniture sourcing began, long before online auction sites and Facebook Marketplace. It’s pot luck what you find but you might just come across a hidden gem.


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