About me

Hello, I’m Nicola, a Northerner who has found herself living in Somerset. Renovating a 1980’s house with my husband Craig (a welshman!) with very little money or DIY knowledge, striving to create a stylish and practical family home. 

If you spend your days swooning over massive extended houses on Insta, this might not be the place for you. Our house isn’t massive and we are renovating room by room, pay check to pay check. Our renovation is slow and realistic. There’s been tantrums and tears but at a snails pace we are getting there.

Even though I only work part time now, childcare costs for two children mean that I basically work for free, so our budget is none existent. Luckily, we’re pretty savvy shoppers, aren’t afraid of a bit of DIY and love a good upcycle. We are learning everything as we go and inevitably making a few mistakes along the way!

I’m also Mammy to 2 year old Dilys & Baby Edwyn (yes, they’re going to have funny accents) who are gorgeous but are massively slowing down the renovation efforts! Edwyn was actually born during the kitchen project and part of the reason that it took about 8 months to finish!

When it comes to interiors, I have an eclectic taste, loving everything from industrial, to mid century, to shabby chic. I don’t really ever stick to one style. If I like something, I just go for it! 

I have always longed for a Victorian House or a beautiful home with period features but in this area, budget wouldn’t allow. So we’re embracing our 1980’s home & it’ll look fab when complete. 


All opinions featured on the blog are our own. We’re not builders or experts in the trade industry, so please take any information on this blog as a rough guide and just our own experiences.

We are not qualified by trade in any form of DIY and cannot be held accountable for any advice deemed as counterfactual. Please do your own research before starting a project and always consult a professional in you’re in any doubt of work.

Please also be aware Building Regulations change regularly, so its worth checking before you start a project that you meet the current regulations.