About me

Hello, I’m Nicola, a Northerner who has found herself living in Somerset. Renovating a 1980’s house with my husband Craig (a Welshman!) with very little money or DIY knowledge, striving to create a stylish and practical family home. 

If you spend your days swooning over massive extended houses on Insta, this might not be the place for you. Our house isn’t massive and we are renovating room by room, pay check to pay check. There’s been tantrums and tears but at a snails pace we are getting there.

I love crafting, upcyling and faffing. When it comes to interiors, I have an eclectic taste, loving everything from industrial, to mid century, to shabby chic. I don’t really ever stick to one style. If I like something, I just go for it! 

Even though I only work part time now, childcare costs for two children mean that I basically work for free, so our budget is none existent. Luckily, we’re pretty savvy shoppers, aren’t afraid of a bit of DIY and love a good upcycle. We are learning everything as we go and inevitably making a few mistakes along the way!

I work 2 days per week as a psychotherapist and work weekends as a Mental Health Nurse. I have 2 children, Dilys (3) the wildflower and Edwyn (1) the bear. Yes, they’re going to have funny accents.

I met my husband on an aeroplane on the way to Thailand. We sat on the same row and chatted all the way from Dubai to Bangkok. We had a long distance relationship for over a year, before I finally moved to Somerset. We got engaged in India and got married in Central Park, NYC. Now that the kids are getting a little older, we are very much looking forward to going on holidays and to festivals again in the coming years.

Since having children, my experiences have taught me that it’s normal to feel alittle anxious, lonely or have ‘mum guilt’ at some time to time but if worries and fears are impacting your daily life, there are ways you can help yourself feel more in control. You can also find me over at THE HAPPY MAMA PROJECT talking all things motherhood and happy vibes. Sharing positivity, self care ideas and wellness advice.


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