Our Renovation journey

Designing and planning a budget kitchen

Buying a kitchen is one of the more exciting projects when it comes to renovating a home, yet it can a daunting process due to being one of the biggest, most expensive and time-consuming renovation. Its important that you take…


Top tips for choosing the perfect tiles

When all you want is to choose a pretty tile for your home, it can be frustrating to be bombarded with technical details about the different types of tiles, but its important to do your research and choose a tile…


DIY-Kitchens: Budget Kitchen Reveal.

Our Budget: We had £5,000 budget for our kitchen as this was the amount of money we had left over after buying the house. At the beginning of our journey we had several design consultations, looking at a shaker style…


7 survival tips for undertaking a kitchen renovation (with two children under two)

Having two babies, who are fully dependant on you, have very different needs and take up a lot of time is difficult enough as it is. Add a kitchen renovation whilst adjusting to being a two under two family and…


Top tips for buying a renovation property

I think when we set out to buy a house together we were pretty naive. I thought a double glazed window lasts forever (apparently the average life span is only 10 years?) and that any problems would be detected on…